Premium Seller Services

Exclusive Listing

(Exclusive Right-to-Sell)


1) Marketing Plan

    Local Market Conditions, customs and alternatives

    Financing Alternatives

    Maximum Effective Exposure

2) Frequent and Comprehensive Advertising

    Local, State and National Coverage

    Multiple Internet Sites

    Real Estate Print Publications

     Farm and Ranch Publications

     Full Color Magazine Ads

     Full Color Brochure and Flyer Distribution

     And much more

3) Competitive Market Analysis

4) Qualify Buyers

5) Handle All of the Details for You

    Phone Inquiries (Day & Night)

    Professional Showings

    Arrange Scheduling of Inspections, surveys, ect.


    Obligation to submit all offers

    Provide Transaction Negotiations

    Coordinate with Financial Institutions

    Compose Binding Financial Agreements

    Protect Both Parties from Liablity

    Provide Escrow Services

    Conceirge Service

    Facilitate Transaction Procedures

          Closing Instructions

           Arrange for Transfer of Title

           Filing Appropriate Paperwork


6) Teamwork - In House Diversity and Co-Brokerages

7) Accountability

8) Investment of Time and Money

9) Assured Priority and Excellent Customer Service

10) We Work Hard for Our Commission!


     Due to the lack of commitment which is the nature of an open listing, the property must receive a reduced priority.  The property will be placed in our in-house database; however, advertising coverage and marketing must be minimal (if any).  When placing your property as an open listing, please note the reality of completing the tasks needed to find a prospective buyer, arranging for title transfer, and closing the sale of the property.  Also please note that no one person will be accountable for the sale of your property, and you will need to deal with multiple personalities; therefore, your feedback and information may be fragmented and inconsistent.  Many people shy away from an exclusive listing believeing they are too restrictive, when in fact the opposite is true.  The first goal in the sale of your property is maximum exposure, and the second is the ease of transaction.  This is best accomplished by a professional with the experience and knowledge you can count on.






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